One of the founders and a leading guitarist of a metal band Dominium (1999-2003). There were recorded 4 albums: ‘Unknown Dimensions’ (1999), Stigmata (2000), Psycho Path Fever (2002), Mohocks Club (2003)

Founder and conductor of the choir Rockspel (2009-2013).

In 2012 album ‘The Stigma’ was recorded with the new age project – Slav and
few months later the solo synth-guitar album ‘Guitar Factory’.

‘… The album ‘Slavic suite – Epic legends’ is the essence of my experiences. There were many acoustic instruments I performed…’ This inspirated by slav mythlogoy 8-track album was recorded in 2018.

The latest – cinematic mini album ‘Songs for Earth’ was composed in tribute to nature (2020) and is a kind of musical story about our planet – Earth.

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